Tell us about the books you’ve written, edited or translated,  including contributions to books such as chapters, essays and poems.

To help us ensure you get all the money due to you, keep us updated with information on all your published books – including different editions of the same book. We know this information isn’t always easy to come by but any help you can give us to identify which works you’ve written helps us administer your payments efficiently.

Adding contributions

When you’re entering a work in your online account, simply add the book that your contribution appears in and we’ll do the rest. When we’re allocating payments we’ll look at each title and check that we’ve got the contributions correct, so you don’t need to specify the details.

What qualifies for payment?

Photocopying: UK publications with an ISBN, if your publisher has stipulated that it can be copied.
Overseas PLR: titles published in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany and Netherlands. This list is likely to grow in the future as other EU countries implement PLR schemes, so please keep checking this site.

What doesn’t qualify?
  • Maps and charts.
  • Printed music (including the words).
  • Individual works where the copyright owner has stipulated that it may not be copied under a Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) licence.