We campaign and advocate for authors to have their rights recognised and respected. To do this, we’re involved in copyright education projects, provide copyright education resources, and carry out work that supports writers to ensure they receive fair payment for the use of their work.

Our advocacy and campaigning work involves everything from press campaigns to gaining media coverage for important topical issues. We also talk to government on policy that affects writers. Our aim is to both protect the existing secondary rights of UK writers and secure recognition for their rights in new and developing content areas, such as digital downloads.

Areas of current interest


The SMART fund

A better environment for authors


Who we work with
We helped establish the All Party Writers Group (APWG), in 2007. We did this to allow MPs and Peers from all political sides to take on board opinions from both inside and outside Parliament, and keep government and opposition parties up to date on policy issues. To find out more, visit


We also work with the Society of Authors’, Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and Royal Society of Literature to campaign for writers’ interests in this country.

Abroad we work with the International Authors’ Forum (IAF) to ensure UK writers’ voices are heard across the world.



We also work with the Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA) in Europe.